Show your customers you know them.

Use one of these 15 ideas to deliver radically personal customer service today.


Make every customer feel like 1 in a million.

In today’s crowded market, a personal, personalized experience isn’t just about a friendlier welcome for your customers. It’s the difference between whether they shop from you — or your competitors. 

With a majority (69%) of users saying they’re treated like a case number, not a person, there's a huge opportunity to get it right. So how can you start delivering radically personal service?

Find out in this Essential Guide, including:

  • 15 ideas to help you get radically personal this year
  • Real-world examples from JetBlue, Porsche, and more
  • What the latest data says on customer expectations

At the end of the day, it’s about making your customers feel known, valued, and recognized, so they keep them coming back to you every time. Get inspired by these collection of scalable ideas!