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 The Gladly Promise

It’s about people

Exceptional customer service starts with people talking to people, not cases or tickets.

Real-time Insights

Instantly understand how efficient agents are, see trending topics and view live dashboards.

Naturally Productive

The simple messaging interface lets agents start in minutes not days and easily collaborate with others.

A Lifetime of Conversations

Agents can converse seamlessly across any channel, from text to tweet, across the entire history of a customer.

Innovation to power your vision

We are not your father's cloud company. We ship and innovate fast to help you modernize your contact center.

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Gladly. Reinventing Customer Service.

Gladly is a customer service platform that enables B2C companies to focus on people talking to people throughout a lifetime of naturally productive conversations. With Gladly, customers are at the center and brands can communicate with their customers seamlessly across any channel from voice, email, messaging, chat and social media. Agents are empowered, customers feel known, and companies build love and loyalty through consistently positive experiences.

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