Building a Radically Personal Customer Service Mindset

Open up possibilities to build stronger, long-term relationships.

In a time when customers have more access to brands and products than ever before, a personalized touch goes a long way. So how can you quickly signal to customers that you know them and understand their specific needs?

Find out from Chad McDaniel, CEO of Execs in the Know, and Mike McCarron, VP of Customers at Gladly, in this recording of Building a Radically Personal Customer Service Mindset.

Watch today to learn:

  • How to evolve your mindset to meet customers where they want to be 
  • Tips for changing the way you think about customer service to be more personalized
  • The benefits for customers, agents, and your brand when you reset your thinking

Best of all, you'll hear how a changing mindset opens up new possibilities for building long term relationships!