We Cool? Yes, We Are.

At Gladly, we think we’re doing some really cool things.

We have a company that’s 39% female (making up 29% of technical roles, and 33% of the executive leadership).  Every year we build playhouses with Habitat for Humanity (like the ‘shark-mermaid-unicorn’ house we did this year). And we’ve built a customer service platform that’s fundamentally different from the legacy platforms in the market.

So when Gartner named us a Cool Vendor, we thought, ‘Well, that’s pretty cool of them.’ And it got us thinking about what it is that makes Gladly so cool that a leading analyst firm would recognize us for it. (Spoiler alert: we thought of 7 reasons).

#1 Because we didn’t follow the crowd. We started the trend. And our customers love us for it.

We made a conscious decision to set our own path rather than follow the approach of legacy platforms. And we did that because we didn’t think the status quo worked for the 21st-century customer; the way they communicate (usually across multiple channels, sometimes simultaneously, often about the same issue) and how they want to be treated (like a valued customer, not a number).

It’s an approach that leading companies in customer service have validated, including 13-time JD Power Award-winning airline JetBlue (or as they like to call themselves, the customer service company that just happens to fly planes):

jetBlue“There’s not a single airline that marries all interactions with a single customer together in one view. Gladly is helping us change that.” - Frankie Littleford, VP Customer Support, JetBlue”

And we got the stamp of approval from global luxury travel brand TUMI too:

TUMI“Gladly helps us keep humans in the forefront of how we interact with customers, routing customers to the last agent they spoke with, and offering them the continuity, immediate historical knowledge, and empathetic insight of that agent.” - Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, TUMI


But don’t just take our - or Gartner’s - word for it. Join other cool kids on one of our monthly demos.


#2 Because we’re a dream-come-true for CX Thought Leaders.

“To have every interaction you have with a customer, regardless of channel or whether it came from your contact center or your marketing team, all in one view, is something I’ve been waiting the past 10 years for. With Gladly, we finally have it.” Barb Menchhofer, CX Thought Leader



#3 Because we have every channel built in—including voice.

We’re also one of the only platforms with every communication channel built into it—including a best-in-class voice channel.

By having a single platform, we avoid having valuable customer information and history siloed across different platforms. And it also makes it easier to track your contact center performance because you can see a complete picture of how your contact center is performing across all channels, rather than having to export, consolidate, and adjust metrics that don’t match from platform to platform.

And did we mention we don’t just serve up historical reports, but a real-time status of your contact center too? Because we do.


#4 Because we recognize that customers are people, not case numbers.

Since we don’t rely on tickets or case numbers, it means companies can finally treat customers like people, instead of a ticket that needs resolving.


When a customer calls in, agents see that customer’s name on the screen. They see that customer’s history with them—what a customer said when they last reached out, what they last purchased—which means a customer can skip the repeat and recap and pick up right where they last left off. Which we think is pretty sweet.



#5 Because we’re helping companies make sense of the noise.

Valuable customer information is often spread across multiple, disconnected backend systems of a company—from point of sale software, to loyalty program systems.

Gladly helps to take the key information from all those disparate points of information, to serve up something that’s really useful and actionable by an agent.

Because the first 5 seconds of a conversation matter, and it’s important that agents have all the context they need to make the best impression.


#6 Because we’re superpowering contact center agents. Not replacing them.

At Gladly we like to call contact center agents ‘customer service heroes’. And our mission is to help them perform at their best—to be the cape to their Superman/Wonderwoman if you will.

We do that with powerful, intelligent AI that helps automate their rote, mundane tasks.

Our Suggested Answers feature, for example, automatically recommends the most appropriate answer from the knowledge base, based on how similar questions were answered in the past. While our Suggested Topics makes dispositioning a breeze by intelligently serving up the right topic to the conversation at hand.


#7 Because we're ‘Glad-iators’.

Alright, so this probably wasn’t one of the things Gartner considered. But we think it’s baller enough to make the list.

But don’t just take our - or Gartner’s - word for it.

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