On-Demand Webinar Recording: GGV Masterclass

How to turn Customer Service into Your Top Marketing Campaign

Gladly. Reinventing Customer Service.

Customer service is the new Marketing. Building the kind of relationships that drive revenue is something the top brands in the world are realizing could be an untapped source of dollars back to the business. The top 20% of your customers typically account for 80% of your revenue. How do you keep those customers loyal, happy and deliver exceptional service to them? How do you make them feel like you know them by name and understand their complete history with you?

We discuss how other innovative companies are leveraging new technology to deliver ultra personalized service in order to keep customers loyal and happy, as well as provide opportunities to anticipate their needs and ultimately drive more revenue to the business. If you want to discover an underutilized source of upside revenue while delivering exceptional customer experiences, tune in to this Masterclass.