Gladly 101 Demo

Back to the Basics

Let's get down to brass tacks.  We are both here to help you solve customer issues.  Sounds pretty basic, huh?  Join us for this "no frills" demo where you'll see how Gladly can help you quickly and efficiently solve customer issues. Period. 


What You'll Learn in 20 minutes

How Gladly puts people at the heart of every interaction with a "no tickets" support system.  That's right.  No tickets.  No cases.  Don't be'll see what we mean in this 20-minute demo.

How Gladly integrates with phone, chat, sms, and email

How Gladly helps solve all of your customer service problems (because isn't that what we are all here for to begin with?!)

And much more!

Jenny Roy

VP of Marketing

Jenny is the head of all things Marketing for Gladly! She has had an impressive career in both consumer and enterprise marketing and has helped grow Demand Generation and Product Marketing teams at various companies. 

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