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Customer centric data > ticket centric data

How to Staff for People - not Tickets

Join us for our monthly educational webinar series where you'll see how Gladly helps deliver radically personal customer service for all of your customer service needs.

Join us on September 24th at 11am PT / 1pm ET 
Workforce management (WFM) solutions form a key component of a contact center administrators day. What happens when the data powering your WFM solutions paints an inaccurate picture of the amount of work needed to support your customers?
Please allocate about 45 minutes for this session. 

What You'll Learn

  • How a customer centric approach to your business helps drive long term revenue
  • How shifting from a ticket based to customer-based support platform can paint a much clearer picture of your customer data
  • How to staff a multi-channel, efficient contact center - preventing agent collision and overstaffing
  • How a customer centered solution helps track concurrent and cross-channel work more accurately - allowing you to respond to multiple customers at once

Hope to see you there! 



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