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Hear how JetBlue is using Gladly to create a more personalized customer service experience

Webinar recording featuring Laurie Meacham, Manager of Customer Committment at JetBlue:

Gladly. Reinventing Customer Service.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, customer service has emerged as one of the last frontiers for competitive advantage. But in a rush to be everything to everyone, many companies are overlooking one enduring need of its customers: the desire for human connection.

JetBlue was founded on the mission to "bring humanity back to air travel." During this webinar, you'll hear how customer service has set the airline apart in the past, present, and vision for the future. You’ll also learn how companies in any industry can apply lessons JetBlue has learned to deliver more practical, personalized, and delightful service experiences.

In sum, you'll learn:
- How to bring people, process, and technology together to deliver more customer-centric service
- How to humanize the customer experience
- How JetBlue leverages customer service as a competitive differentiator