Podcast: Making a Lasting Impression In a Single Moment

Join customer experience heavyweights Charlie Cole (TUMI) and Joseph Ansanelli (Gladly) as they discuss the opportunities and challenges facing Retail

Making a Lasting Impression In a Single Moment

Will Google Home be the next “go-to” retail channel? How do you build a brand so strong, your customers would tattoo it on their forearm...or better yet, their forehead?

Get the answers to these questions (and more) in the X minute Future Commerce podcast feat. CX heavyweights Charlie Cole (Global Chief E-Commerce Officer, TUMI) and Joseph Ansanelli (CEO and Co-Founder, Gladly).

They’ll also be discussing the present and upcoming challenges and opportunities in Retail, including:

  • The risk of falling into the ‘lookalike’ strategy when choosing technology
  • The slippery slope for Retailers when it comes to customer data
  • Why customer experience is going to be the reasons companies succeed, and fail, in the next decade

And as an added bonus: The crew also have a full and frank discussion of Charlie’s ‘uncomplicated’ coffee tastes.

The All-Star Speaker Line Up


Joseph Ansanelli
CEO, Gladly


Charlie Cole
Global Chief eCommerce Officer, TUMI