Podcast: Making a Lasting Impression In a Single Moment

Join customer experience heavyweights Charlie Cole (TUMI) and Joseph Ansanelli (Gladly) as they discuss the opportunities and challenges facing Retail

Making a Lasting Impression In a Single Moment

Will Google Home be the next “go-to” retail channel? How do you build a brand so strong, your customers would tattoo it on their forearm...or better yet, their forehead?

Get the answers to these questions (and more) in the Future Commerce podcast feat. CX heavyweights Charlie Cole (Global Chief E-Commerce Officer, TUMI) and Joseph Ansanelli (CEO and Co-Founder, Gladly).

They’ll also be discussing the present and upcoming challenges and opportunities in Retail, including:

  • The risk of falling into the ‘lookalike’ strategy when choosing technology
  • The slippery slope for Retailers when it comes to customer data
  • Why customer experience is going to be the reasons companies succeed, and fail, in the next decade

And as an added bonus: The crew also have a full and frank discussion of Charlie’s ‘uncomplicated’ coffee tastes.

The All-Star Speaker Line Up


Joseph Ansanelli
CEO, Gladly


Charlie Cole
Global Chief eCommerce Officer, TUMI